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Political Science

Degrees Offered: BA Minor

Political science investigates the theories and practices of politics. It looks at how people should act and how people do act. It hones your critical thinking and communications skills and gives you the foundation to understand how politics affects society.

As part of their degree requirements, students pursue one or more of the following hands-on learning opportunities: they can participate in Model United Nations, political advocacy field trips to Sacramento, and local internships with government and non-profit organizations.

Students may choose their electives from our three different emphases or concentrate their electives in one area.

Environment & Sustainability

Environmental concerns are not just technical problems, they’re also social and political problems. This area explores links between environmental issues and concerns about social justice, individual freedom and communal identity. Courses in this area include:

  • Water Politics
  • Environmental Politics
  • Political Ecology
  • Technology & Development
  • Legal Research
  • Environmental Political Theory
  • Advocacy and Institutions

Want to change the world? In this area, you’ll learn how the political system works–both within government and NGOs. That’s knowledge you can take from the grass roots right up to Congress. Courses in this area include:

  • President & Congress
  • Politics of Criminal Justice
  • Political Advocacy
  • Radical Political Thought
  • Public Administration
  • Media & Public Opinion
  • Globalization

Globalization occurs at the intersections of politics, economics and cultures. In this area we study these intersections within nation-states and between them, while learning how technology and the shrinking globe affect politics. Courses in this area include:

  • Third World Politics
  • Model United Nations
  • International Law
  • Political Regimes & Political Change
  • US Foreign Policy
  • Ethnicity & Nationalism
Founders Hall 180


  • Political Science
  • Water Resource Policy

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