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The Department of Psychology at HSU offers an undergraduate major leading to the B.A. degree, a minor program, course options for general education requirements and electives, service courses for other majors, and three active graduate programs leading to the M.A. degree, including preparation for the California School Psychology Credential, and preparation for licensure as a Marriage Family Therapist (MFT), and a certificate program in Institutional Research.


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Hands-on Learning


Research Participation for Psychology

Students serve as participants in research studies, and may have opportunities to assist with faculty research and to present and publish with faculty members in the department.

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Community Counseling Clinic

We're here for you. Our staff and students welcome the opportunity to assist you during times of emotional challenge.

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Since 2015 the Psychology department has be hosting a colloquium which provides HSU the opportunity to learn about psychological practice and research from experts in their fields and HSU students.

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Community Spotlight

  • Kashia Axthelm
    As a transfer student, I was worried about being able to make connections with my professors in such a short amount of time; however, I found the psychology faculty at HSU to be very welcoming and approachable. I was able to get involved in research as an undergraduate and continued working on those projects during my MA degree. I'm about to start a PhD program, and my course work and research experience at HSU definitely prepared me for this next step in my career. I will forever be thankful for the guidance and mentor-ship I received from the amazing psychology professors and staff at HSU! Thank you!
    Kashia Axthelm
    Academic Research masters program alumni
  • Haley Jones
    I already knew when I entered HSU for my undergraduate degree in psychology that I would pursue a graduate degree in School Psychology. I chose to apply to the program at HSU, because as someone who grew up in Humboldt County, it was important for me to stay close to home where I had support from friends and family. I didn’t know when I started the program that I would soon have a newfound group assisting me to realize my goal. I was amazed and honored by the support I received from the faculty and staff in the School Psychology graduate program. Not only did I have wonderful professors who supported my journey - I was placed at school sites where I experienced hands-on practical learning and professional development opportunities. I made school-site connections with teachers, administrators, other school personnel, students and their families. After a successful internship at Humboldt County Office of Education, I was subsequently hired full time as a school psychologist working with diverse populations, and am engaged in an exciting school transformation initiative with the Northern California MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) Coalition, providing training and consultation to local school districts focusing on Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), restorative practices, academic interventions, inclusion, and other critical initiatives supported at the local and state level. I am grateful to be engaged in this exciting and enriching work.
    Haley Jones
    School Psychology masters program alumni
  • "The biggest preparation for both graduation and becoming a psychiatric assistant was my Humboldt State experience. Professors sharing knowledge on topics was helpful, but to see the same professors continue to work hard to further their knowledge was inspirational. My time spent at Humboldt state has taught me that anything is possible through hard work and perseverance."
    Brandon Cameron-Vaughn
    Psychiatric Assistant
  • Hernandez_profile
    "I struggled a little because I would hear that I was not going to get a job that I wanted because I had no experience but the best advice I can give is to continue doing what you do and don't doubt yourself; you've done it this far why doubt now what you're capable of doing. Don't let others define who you are and what you can and can't do."
    Arlyn Hernandez
    Class of 2016
  • Jack Allen
    “Working with the faculty and staff of the HSU Psychology Department was the highlight of my undergraduate education. It was encouraging to be able to form a connection with a diverse group of professors. They have great stories and advice to share about our community. There were a lot of opportunities to work with faculty members conducting research, which made me feel confident with my graduate school applications.”
    Jack Allen
    Grad Student

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Excellence in teaching and research are hallmarks of the faculty in the Department of Psychology at Humboldt State University. Faculty members are drawn to the university by its stellar reputation for quality instruction, smaller classes, and excellent students, as well as the scenic beauty of a campus nestled between a redwood forest and the Pacific Ocean.