Heriberto Herrera, 2012 Pearson Minority Scholarship Winner

On February 23, 2012, Heriberto Herrera, a first year graduate student in School Psychology, received the Pearson Minority Scholarship from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). One of five named scholarships to be awarded to minority students throughout the United States and Canada, Herrera was the only first year graduate student to receive an award this year. He is the first HSU students to receive this award in the 24 years the scholarship has been in existence. Herrera received a $5,000.00 scholarship and reimbursement for his trip to Philadelphia to receive his award.

Heriberto is a remarkable and inspirational individual. He was an undergraduate student at HSU, and has been exceptionally active in several clubs and organizations on campus supporting Latino students. In his acceptance speech, Heriberto shared that in addition to being a first generation college student, he suffered a serious and traumatic brain injury as a result of an auto accident seven years ago that has forced him to re-learn many skills, and work even harder to achieve at a very high level.

In an email to HSU's faculty and staff, Herrera said, "Thank you all for your wonderful help and support. I am truly honored to have represented the Humboldt State Psychology department and the School Psychology program at the NASP convention. Recognition into the MSP Elite-44 could not have been made possible without the guidance and support from faculty members such as Dr. Duncan, Dr. Sommerman, and Dr. Gold, as well as the wonderful staff who continuously help students with important administrative inquiries.  I will do my best to justify your trust in me to contribute to better improve students lives at home, in school, and in life."

Heriberto Herrera is a naturalized citizen from Zamora de Hidalgo, Mexico, and a first generation college student. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Psychology with an advanced specialization in School Psychology at Humboldt State University. His aspirations are to help all students regardless of cultural, socioeconomic status, and linguistic backgrounds to obtain a high quality education. Heriberto is currently taking leadership roles in Latino nonprofit organizations and has worked as an assistant clients' rights advocate for regional center consumers. His future goals are to align home, school, and community settings for student academic success.