Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty office hours are listed on the Faculty and Staff tab of our website, next to each faculty's office number. A list is also posted next to our office door, BSSB #410.

Our instructor/advisor contact information is posted in a variety of places. You can find office location, phone number and e-mail information on the Faculty and Staff tab of our website and also on the HSU Directory. Additionally, office hours for each semester are posted on the outside of our department door (BSS #410) for reference.

Your advisor has been assigned to you. Log into your Student Center and look for your Program Advisor (on the right-hand side).

For your advisor's contact information, please check under the Faculty and Staff tab on our website.

Additionally, office hours are posted outside our department door for reference.

Our advisors schedule their own appointments. You need to contact them directly to set up an appointment to see them, or go during their office hours. Some advisors have a sign-up sheet outside their office door.