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Interested in working for the Retention through Academic Mentoring Program?

Thank you for your interest in working for R.A.M.P.! 
The purpose of this pre-application is to offer the RAMP staff a preview of potential candidates for RAMP employment. Pending a review of your pre-application, you will be invited to formally apply in January, 2019 before the opportunity is posted to the general HSU community via the Career Center's Handshake. Completing this Pre-App is not a formal commitment, nor is it a requirement. It's function is to provide you with a "foot in the door" and a way to let the RAMP staff know you might be interested! :)
RAMP Academic Mentors are paid $12.00/hr (as of Jan 1, 2019) and work up to 10 hours per week. Upon successful completion of Spring 2019 Mentor Education (which is paid time - up to 18 hours!), mentors are assigned a caseload of 2019-2020 first-time freshmen who are the first in their family, or one of the first (also known as "first-generation") with whom the mentors work and support during the first-year transition to HSU. Mentors are actively supported and guided by the RAMP Director and RAMP Coordinator, as well as three RAMP Academic Lead Mentors who worked as mentors the previous year.

If you have any questions contact R.A.M.P. at

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As a commitment to your academic success, we want to offer you the best possible experience with your mentor. If an issue arises between you and your mentor, we are happy to offer you solutions. We want to know about any and every problem so that we can continually provide you with excellent service and support. It is important that you contact us in a timely manner so that we can resolve issues quickly.

To report an issue, email Please use the word “challenge” as the subject line so that we can prioritize your email and get back to you quickly. Make sure to detail your issue clearly and include a contact number where we can reach you.


Questions? Contact us!

Retention through Academic Mentoring Program (R.A.M.P.)
Nelson Hall East (NHE) 212
(707) 826-4585

Tracy Smith
R.A.M.P. Director
(707) 826-5251
Samantha (Sammi) Martinez
R.A.M.P. Coordinator
(707) 826-4585


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