Retention through Academic Mentoring Program


Student success is the #1 priority at Humboldt State. Our students are unique, and the challenges we face to help them in their journey to on-time graduation are also unique. In support of this goal, we have identified a number of tools and resources we can bring to bear to meet these challenges.
One such tool, MAP-Works (Making Achievement Possible), will help us identify students who may need additional support. The process begins with students completing a personal assessment; using data analytics and student development theory, MAP-Works identifies challenges specific to each individual student and gives faculty and staff appropriate tools to help that student overcome their particular challenges before they become insurmountable.
Students will continue submitting assessments throughout their first year, providing information about their study habits, extracurricular activities, and other choices that have an impact on their long-term success at HSU. MAP-Works evaluates these data and provides the student with information about how their choices may impact their success as a student; faculty and staff are also provided with specific strategies to effectively support the student.
This early intervention model has demonstrated success at other universities, which encouraged HSU to adopt it. Students receive immediate feedback and suggestions on ways to meet their own expectations for their college career. They receive an extensive personal report with strategies to help them improve at HSU and stay on track for an on-time graduation. And faculty has an easier, more integrated way in which to support students and connect them with the resources they need.
By tailoring solutions to individual student needs, and empowering faculty and staff with strategies to deploy those solutions, we can meet the challenge of improving retention rates and student success.
Humboldt State University