Retention through Academic Mentoring Program

MAP-Works for Faculty

MAP-Works will make it easier for faculty to support first-year students at risk based on their status or academic performance. The system will alert them to students who may be struggling, and provide them with information about the nature of the student’s challenges, as well as more specific guidance and actions they can take to help the student get back on track.
Faculty members will also be able to create referrals to a student support unit regarding a student who might need assistance in areas such as learning skills, living and financial arrangements, or feelings of homesickness. These early interventions are the foundation of the MAP-Works concept: supporting students with the help they need to succeed and doing so at a time when interventions will be most effective.
MAP-Works will also automate the current manual “Mid-Semester Evaluation” process through use of an “Academic Updates” function. This will enable faculty to quickly and easily report a student’s risk of failure, expected grade, attendance issues and any additional comments – positive or concerned – that will help the student on the path to successful graduation.
MAP-Works is just one element in HSU’s effort to improve retention and graduation rates, which will over time also improve enrollment. By integrating this system into our existing student support structures, we can make our student support efforts more efficient and effective and our students more successful.
Humboldt State University