Retention through Academic Mentoring Program

MAP-Works for Students

Your success is our first priority at Humboldt State. Each of you brings unique qualities to your time here, and each of you will face unique challenges in your journey towards a successful on-time graduation.
To help us all to complete the journey, we have adopted the web-based MAP-Works application,which you, your mentors, your advisors, and your instructors will all use. When you start your freshman year, you’ll complete a baseline survey that will provide us with an idea of your personal and study styles. The software will analyze your responses and, using extensive experiential data, identify the challenges you as an individual are likely to face. It will also connect you with the campus resources, both human and digital, that can help you to overcome those challenges before they become too much to handle.
You’ll continue to submit updates to your baseline survey throughout your freshman year that will show your support network how you’re coping with undergraduate life and enable them to step in should any red flags appear. MAP-Works will provide you with regular feedback on how your choices, both on and off campus, may affect your path to graduation, and provide the faculty and staff on your team with specific strategies to support you in the most effective ways.
The MAP-Works approach to helping students stay on track has been successfully used at a number of other universities across the country. We’re excited to be introducing it here at HSU because it will give you immediate feedback on successful strategies and potential roadblocks. 
The extensive personal reports you receive from MAP-Works, together with the involvement of your support network, will give you the tools you need to develop the appropriate strategies to keep you on track to a successful on-time graduation.
By tailoring strategies to meet individual student needs, and equipping staff and faculty with the tools and guidance to support the deployment of those strategies, everyone wins. 
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