Tsunami Debris Information for North Coast Residents

Posted on December 21 2012

What to do if you find possible tsunami debris

Lori Dengler Explains DROP COVER & HOLD ON

Posted on October 14 2010

Lori Dengler explains DROP COVER HOLD ON and Geology 106 conducts a drill in Founders Hall 118, Humboldt State University

Posted on September 28 2010

Humboldt State Department of Geology has a two member team conducting a reconnaissance investigation of the effects of the 4 September 2010 Canterbury earthquake that caused upwards of $4 billion NZ in the region around Christchurch. Associate Professor, Dr. Mark Hemphill-Haley and graduate student, Paul Sundberg, have been in the area since 26 September to observe the structural, geological and societal impacts of the earthquake. They are blogging about their observations on this website and posting photographs to Facebook. The blog is located at http://www.humboldt.edu/rctwg/blog

Posted on September 27 2010

The HSU geology reconnaissance team blog can be found at http://www.humboldt.edu/rctwg/blog

Sounds of a Quake - an eye witness account of the 1964 Alaska earthquake

Posted on October 13 2009


HSU seismometer records Samoan, Indonesian and local earthquakes

Posted on October 07 2009

The analog seismometer at Humboldt State University recorded several recent significant earthquakes including the 30 September M 8.0 Samoan event, the 1 October M 7.6 Indonesian event and a local earthquake offshore of Petrolia, CA. This image shows the value of analog recorders which display wonderful images of ground shaking.

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	<p>Image can be <a href=downloaded as a .pdf file and viewed with any PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader.

New North Coast Tsunami Evacuation

Posted on June 26 2009

Download pdfs of evacuation maps and tsunami safety information for North Coast Communities http://www.humboldt.edu/rctwg/site/projects/