The Archery team was founded by student archers Lisa Franklin and Elizabeth Vallaire in 2006.  The team accepts archers of all experience levels and provides all necessary equipment.

All practices are held on an indoor range located in the HSU Field House.  Shooting distances are in compliance with the National Archery Association standards.

Traveling competitive archers are USCA members and compete in the college division.  Humboldt State has been represented at the California State Indoor Archery Championships since 2007 and at the National Indoor Archery Championships since 2008.  Active HSU archers have consistently placed in the top 20 at both championships.

Contact the club at:



Coach: Neil O'Brien,

President: Dylan Inskeep, (714) 624-6509,

VP:  Valerie Yellam, (562) 743-4381,

Travel Secretary: Marc Orner, (951) 551-9959,

Treasurer:  Erin McConnell, (909) 815-6135,

Safety Officer:  Joe Lamb, (562) 370-0016,


Practice Schedule - SPRING 2015

Thursday 7-9 pm & Saturdays 2-5 pm in Field House 

Practice also takes place during the beginning classes:

MW 8-9AM


Competition - Spring Semester