Women's Ultimate

We are recruiting! No experience necessary!




Humboldt State University Women´s Ultimate team has taken off to a new high.

The Hags are looking for seomone to coach this team to compete with the best of them!   The rookies are stepping it up and competing with all D1 schools!   In 2012 the Hags took 17th at Nationals!  GO HAGS!

Go get 'em Hags!  



SPRING 2017 Practice Schedule

  • Wednesdays, 5-7 PM, Redwood Bowl
  • Thursdays, 9-11 PM, Redwood Bowl
  • Sundays, 11:00 AM-2:00 PM, Redwood Bowl

Competition Schedule - takes place in the Spring at various tournaments

  • Humboldt Huck, HealthSport Fields, September 24-25


humboldt state ultimate rankings - women


Join us, we know how to have fun and WIN!