Professor Stephen C. Sillett

Professor, Kenneth L. Fisher Chair of Redwood Forest Ecology
Department of Forestry and Wildland Resources
College of Natural Resources and Sciences Humboldt State University, Arcata, California, USA

Affiliate Professor, Graduate Faculty
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA

Explorer, National Geographic Society
Washington D.C., USA

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Support for research (current and previous)

Kenneth L. Fisher, Save the Redwoods League, United States Forest Service, United States Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Humboldt State University, National Science Foundation, Global Forest Science, National Geographic Society, John Montague, Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, MacGillivray Freeman Films, British Broadcasting Company, and other private contributions.

Want to collaborate?

Graduate students—Please apply to the Graduate Program in Forest, Watershed and Wildland Science at Humboldt State University (Masters) or the Graduate Program in Environmental and Forest Sciences at University of Washington (PhD). Applicants are strongly encouraged to have developed research ideas in the context of current scientific literature.

Other academic collaborators—Please contact Sillett directly (email at