Institute for Redwood Ecology
Chartered August 28, 2009

Article I. Title:

Institute for Redwood Ecology

Article II. Mission:

The mission of the Institute for Redwood Ecology is to promote the study of redwoods and other tall trees and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and scientific research on their biology and the forests they create.

Article III. Supporting HSU:

The Institute for Redwood Ecology supports the mission and character of Humboldt State University by:

  • Advancing faculty research, scholarship, and publications;
  • Providing educational and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students;
  • Enhancing the stature of HSU as an important research center;
  • Promoting the dissemination of newly developed tree science and knowledge to students and the scientific community;
  • Attracting faculty and graduate student research funding to HSU; and,
  • Promoting the study of ecology, biology, the environment, and natural resources conservation.

Article IV. Governance:

The Institute's research agenda shall promote interdisciplinary collaboration and shall be guided by the Kenneth L. Fisher Chair in Redwood Forest Ecology.

Other Institute members will include HSU tenured (and tenure-track) faculty, adjunct faculty, and research associates involved in the study of forests dominated by redwoods and other tall (> 90 m) tree species.

Article V. Relationship to the University:

The Institute for Redwood Ecology is a scientific research institute established within the College of Natural Resources and Sciences.