Alumni News

Antonio Luevano, 2013

Antonio Luevano, 2013, Religious Studies, is working on his Master of Divinity at the Franciscan School of Theology.

John Compaglia, 2005

Life post-Humboldt state is great. I went on to do a Master’s degree in medieval Islamic intellectual traditions with an emphasis on Islamic philosophy, science, and mysticism. I have decided for the time being not to pursue a PhD but you never know. right after completing my Master’s (2009) I was awarded a Henry Luce fellowship to study the history and origins of Islam in Indonesia for a semester at Gadjah Mada University in the city of Yogyakarta. My research there is going to be included in a book published by the university I studies at which will be completed by the end of the year. I am also currently working on a book on similarities and differences of mythological and scientific methodologies with retired Auburn University professor (and my father in law) Dr. James Bradley.

Zoe H. Armstrong, 2003

June 1, 2009 I began serving in Peace Corps Armenia as a Community and Business Development Volunteer. I am an NGO Development Specialist for a Women’s Resource Center in Southern Armenia. I will be completing my service term and moving back to the east coast this summer. I credit my time with the Refugee Extension Program out of HSU’s Youth Educational Services for getting me this position. I am very happy to be counted amongst the large and proud group of past HSU students who have served in the US Peace Corps.