October 26, 2004 update

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Dear Friends and Readers,

It has been several years since I updated this letter to readers. This site first came on-line in December 1995. Over the subsequent six months the chapters of the book were added one by one until the work was completed. It may have been the first previously unpublished book to appear on the internet. I'm uncertain how to substantiate that claim. However, in the meantime the site has been widely used by educational institutions teaching Holocaust Studies from middle-school through university levels. Thanks to suggestions and encouragement from one of the internet readers, the book finally found its way to print publication in 2000, when the University of Illinois Press produced a beautiful edition of To Save a Life.

In October 2000, to celebrate the publication of the book version of this website, the First Street Gallery, in Eureka, California, hosted a beautifully installed exhibition of photographs relating to TO SAVE A LIFE: STORIES OF HOLOCAUST RESCUE. Opening night attendance broke all previous records for the gallery--too many people, at times, to see the photos on the walls! The occasion was especially memorable because seven members of Bert Bochove's family traveled from far and wide to be in attendance. You can read a very nice write-up about the background of the project and exhibition in the Northcoast Journal.

The exhibition is now available for other sites. If you know of an appropriate venue for a future showing, please send me the appropriate contact information and I will arrange to send an exhibition proposal with all the details.

The print edition of this work is available for purchase. You may read the excellent review published in the Houston Chronicle.

To Save a Life Book Cover The University of Illinois Press has produced a quality edition, using fine paper and including 100 photographs plus six maps and illustrations.

You can order a copy from the University of Illinois Press, telephone: 800 545 4703, or from, Borders Books, Barnes and Noble, or your independent bookseller.

If you would like to receive an attractively printed publication announcement card please send me your mailing address. I will not use this list for any other purpose.

Since I began the work in 1984, many of the people who told me their stories have passed away. Recent years have witnessed the deaths of Bert Bochove, Barbara Makuch, Bram Pais, and John and Christine Damski. The example of their bravery, courage, and shining spirit, which comes through so clearly in their stories, will live on.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions to improve this site.

Ellen Land-Weber

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