Humboldt State University

Residence Life 2015-2016 Learning Outcome

Residents who attend an academic success program provided by Residence Life will be able to identify at least one way in which the information presented during the program can be applied toward achieving their academic goals.


As part of the HSU Residence Life Community Development Model, Community Advocates are required to provide three educationally focused programs for residents per semester. Our 2015-2016 learning outcome will focus on the academic success programs.

A short paper survey will be administered after academic success programs that are put on by Community Advocates. While the survey is voluntary for participants, there will be a prize giveaway incentive provided to encourage completion.

Additionally, all participants will be invited to take part in a series of focus groups in the second week of November.

The purpose of the surveys and focus groups will be to assess the retention and application of the information presented at the academic success programs.

The outcome will be met if residents are able to identify skills that may contribute to the achievement of their academic goal or a potential application of the information presented during the academic success program.

Want to Attend an Academic Success Program?

Take a look at our Residence Life programming calendar and see what upcoming Academic Success Programs may pique your interest. We would be happy to see you there!