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Welcome to the Office of Residence Life, Housing webpage for the 2015 -16 mid-year student staff selection process. Below you will find links to the position descriptions and the application link.

The intention of HSU Residence Life is to focus on the education and holistic growth of the student by creating a safe, socially just, and environmentally responsible community. Residence Life student staff play a critical role in the implementation of our mission. Our student leadership positions prepare you for being effective educators, social justice advocates, and community leaders.

Student staff are required to play a variety of roles, which will allow them to gain knowledge and skills for both personal and professional growth. What you learn from this unique job experience will be transferable to many careers after you graduate from college.

Learn more about positions within Residence Life:

As an office within the Department of Housing, Residence Life employs over 50 student staff members in several unique positions to implement our mission. Each position comes with different responsibilities, compensation, minimum requirements, and serves an equally important role. Please take some time to review our position descriptions by clicking the links at the bottom of the page, and determine what is best for you. We are accepting applications for the following positions that might become available for the spring 2016 semester.

  • • Community Advocate (CA)
    • Activities Student Assistant (Activities SA,
    • Student Assistant (SA)
    • Residence Sustainability Advisor (RSA)

How to Apply

Please click the appropriate link below to submit your application.

2015-16 Mid-Year New Applicants

2015–16 Mid-Year Returning Applicants
(applicants who have worked with Residence Life at HSU in the past)

If you have any questions regarding the student staff selection process, please contact Joselle at or 707-826-5534.

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