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The Faculty-in-Residence and Staff-in-Residence program provides residents the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff members in a unique setting—the residence halls. Dr. Amy Rock is our Faculty-in-Residence and Dr. John Johnson is our Staff-in-Residence. They hold regularly scheduled office hours, host programs, and collaborate with other HSU faculty on programming in the halls. The Faculty-in-Residence and Staff-in-Residence programs are currently offered in Sunset Hall and Creekview Apartments.

What activities are available?

The activities that are offered will be chosen by the faculty/staff member. Below are some of the possibilities:

• Study sessions
• Academic advising
• Major exploration
• Career exploration
• Trips into the local community
• Cookie baking
• Volleyball games
• Ice cream socials
• Game nights
• Craft nights
• Academic programs

Why should a faculty or staff member live in the residence halls?

The Faculty/Staff-in-Residence program supports student success in a variety of ways. Residents will have the opportunity to get to know faculty and staff in informal settings, outside of the classroom. This helps students and faculty/staff to get to know each other in new and different ways. The activities that the faculty/staff member will offer will help students to become more comfortable talking with faculty/staff, continue conversations from inside the classroom, learn more about what academic resources are available to students, learn more about majors and careers, and much more!

Supporting Research

Interaction outside the classroom improves:
• GPA (Astin, 1993)
• Graduating with honors (Astin, 1993)
• Degree attainment (Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005; Astin, 1993)
• Educational aspirations, including going to graduate or professional school (Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005; Astin, 1993)
• Career preparation (Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005)

Faculty-in-Residence programs:
• Create a culture of learning in the residence halls (Sriram, et al., 2011)
• Increase student access to faculty (Zellner & Moore, 2011)
• Provide faculty with opportunities to enhance teaching practices (Sriram, et al., 2011)
• Provide faculty with opportunities to gain a better understanding of today’s students (Sriram, et al, 2011).

I am a faculty/staff member. How do I learn more?

We’re glad you’re interested! Please see our application process page for more information.

Additionally, you can contact Amy Foust, Residence Life Coordinator of Education & Engagement at

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