Humboldt State University

First Year Experience

Welcome First Year Students!

If you are nervous about your transition to college, worried about making new
friends, anxious about your classes, or are just excited to start college, your first year experience is critical to ensure you have a successful experience during the rest of your college years at Humboldt. The faculty and staff want you to be assured that they are ready to help you make your transition to college as simple and exciting as possible; all you have to do is ask.

Why a First Year seminar (SP 120)?

College Students who have taken a First Year Seminar say that it was a critical course to their academic success. National Research indicates that students who participate in a First Year Seminar have significantly higher graduation rates than students who do not. Humboldt’s First Year Seminar (SP 120) is designed to prepare students to be both academically and socially integrated into college.

What is Humboldt’s First Year Seminar?

Your First Year Seminar will include a series of topics and modules during your first 6 weeks of the semester designed to help better understand Humboldt’s expectations and traditions. It will support you as you adjust to college life and get involved on campus. Humboldt’s goal is to help you transition to the campus community, develop learning skills, build academic awareness, explore personal academic goals, connect with supportive staff, and become familiar with resources on campus.