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Submit Your Programs

All programs must be submitted to ProgDB at least 2 weeks prior to your event. To submit programs log on to ProgDB.

15 Unique Ways to Promote Your Program

1. Colorful or Odd Shaped Posters / Banners In Your Area, in the JGC, or At Other Events; also Door Tags, or Personal Invitations
2. Footprints
3. Chalk the Sidewalk (Be Sure to Fill Out a Chalk Policy Form First)
4. Royal Flush / Facebook / Google Apps
5. Bathroom Stall Doors
6. Sandwich Board
7. Attach Candy to Slips of Paper
8. Word of Mouth
9. T-Shirt / Clothing
10. “Give-Away” Items ( Buttons / Fortune Cookies / Napkins / Cups / Pens / Key Chains / Balloons / Bookmarks / Stickers)
11. LCD Screens in JGC / Powerpoint in the “J” (Work with the RHA Publicist)
12. Set Up An Information Table (Be Sure to Get Permission from RHA)
13. Props / Human Props
14. Toothpicks in Desserts (Be Sure To Get Permission From Dining Hall)
15. Wear a Costume

For programming ideas and tips visit: or

Information Reporting

All IRs must be submitted within 24 hours of an incident. There may also be times when an RLC will ask you to submit your RLC sooner. Make sure to submit all IRs in a timely manner.

Information Reports via the HSU Maxient Website

Tips for good IR writing

  • Always start your IR with the day and time.
  • Write your IR in third person.
  • Include facts only - not value judgments or personal opinions.
  • Use last names instead of pronouns (he/she/ze) so there is no confusion about who is involved.
  • Include names and titles of everyone involved.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • You may want to write your IR in a word document then paste it into the online document.