Humboldt State University

Social Justice

There are multiple levels of our positions that we dedicate to social justice work. 


We expect each member of our professional team to have an understanding or a willingness to learn more about power and privilege, intersectionality, and institutional versus individual forms of oppression.  We are looking for team members who understand these theories and who have applied these theories to different aspects of their lives.  This should be made apparent to us by looking at your contributions to communities in and outside of work.


Within our positions we aim to help create a more equitable campus community by collaborating with campus partners, encouraging personal discussion with staff as well as residents, and organizing programs as well as trainings. 

We currently have special projects assigned to specific RLCs such as a liaison with our Multicultural Center, large scale educational event during the Dialogue on Race, and student staff training.

During student staff training, Residence Life Coordinators provide specific training sessions focused on various social justice issues and concepts. Although we do not expect our student staff members to be social justice advocates after the completion of student staff training, we expect them to uphold our community respect policy.

Community Respect Statement

Each resident shares the responsibility of creating an environment in which all residents are respected and valued – regardless of one’s age, size, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, color, creed, national origin, cultural background, socio-economic status, or religious affiliation or conviction. Doing your part includes: getting to know people from different groups and cultures as individuals; challenging your biases; and reporting incidents of misconduct to Housing staff as soon as possible. Join us in embracing our differences and appreciating the unique perspectives each resident brings to the Humboldt State experience.