Humboldt Energy Independence Fund

This fund was established in 2007 with the mission "to reduce the environmental impact of energy use at Humboldt State University through student driven projects". For more information about HEIF or to download application materials, go here.

 The following projects were designed by RESU members and have been funded by HEIF:

Building Energy Internship
We propose the creation of a student internship position(s) at Plant Operations called the Building Energy Intern.  The intern (or interns) would be responsible for aggregating, organizing, analyzing, and publishing building specific energy consumption data at HSU.  The intern would also be responsible for outreach, educating the campus and community about general building consumption patterns as well the impact of HEIF-funded projects.  The hiring process would include a competition where students would propose a specific plan for effectively accomplishing the goals of the internship program.  Our budget request is to fund a two-year pilot program of one or two interns working the equivalent of full time during the summer and half time during the academic years.  The hiring committee would be responsible for conducting an evaluation of the intern(s) and the success of the overall program on an annual basis.

HVAC Efficiency Measures for Science D/E
We propose energy efficiency measures for Science D/E buildings.  The retrofits to the HVAC system are expected to save at least 180,000kWh annually.  Student interns will work with Plant Operations and be closely involved with the implementation and energy savings verification of the project.  The total project budget is estimated to be $92,400.  Non-HEIF funding sources are the UC/CSU/IOU EE Partnership ($42,400) and matching funds from Plant Operations ($25,000).  The overall request for HEIF funding is $25,000.

PV on HSU's Old Music Building
We propose the installation of a photovoltaic system and an associated artistic display on the Old Music Building roof.  We present three alternative designs: 3.5, 5.3 and 10.5 kW.  Student participation will include student PV installer interns hired by a contractor selected by Plant Operations, student interns developing interpretative signage, student art interns installing a piece of art as part of the system’s tilted racking, and student interns who administer awardee implemented portions of the grant.

Completion of SoRMS
In 2006, the Renewable Energy Student Union (RESU) initiated a project to directly measure radiation energy from the sun.  The SoRMS project is located on the top of the library roof at Humboldt State University, and uses two pyranometers, a shadow band shading system, and a stand-alone data logger for measuring and recording solar radiation. Accurate measurements of the local solar energy resource provide important information for the design of solar energy systems at HSU and the surrounding area.  In this proposal, we request support for funding required to complete the system in a way that will allow it to collect accurate solar energy resource data for years to come.  Key items include (i) an upgrade of the data logging equipment to make it fully compatible with NREL’s NSRDB and (ii) the purchase of a third pyranometer that can be used to allow for regular calibration of the system without interruptions in data collection.