The Hydrogen Power Park: Fueling Industrial Evolution

The Nation Hydrogen Association, the US Department of Energy, and Chevron Corporation sponsor an annual Hydrogen Student Design Contest called H2U. The H2U contest challenges university students around the world to design various hydrogen distribution facilities. Over the years RESU students have successfully competed in this competition.

In 2004 the design problem was a hydrogen fueling station that could meet an escalating demand for hydrogen at a minimal price. The team took third place.

In 2005 RESU members took on the H2U contest with renewed energy. That year’s challenge was to design a hydrogen power park, which is a small to medium sized energy station providing combined heat and power as well as hydrogen vehicle fuel at a centralized location. The Evolution Energy Systems design team, comprised of RESU members, won the grand prize in the 2005 H2U contest. Throughout both contests the team insisted on the designs being based on clean, renewable energy.

The 2005 design generated interest in the community and in the energy industry. The Schatz Energy Research Center (SERC) and Chevron Corporation funded a feasibility study which allowed the design team and SERC to explore design alternatives for the project. This resulted in the construction of a fueling station on the HSU campus.