Forks of Salmon School Energy Assessment

Forks Salmon TeamFrom Spring 2009 to Spring 2010, RESU joined HSU’s Engineers Without Border in assessing energy usage and the potential for a renewable energy system at Fork of Salmon School located deep in the Six Rivers National Forest.  The school and town are off the grid and have been generating their own power with diesel fuel.

The team discovered that through changing incandescent bulb to CFLs and replacing outdated refrigeration equipment, the six-building school could save some 55% of its electric usage.  The school would seek grants to pay for the retrofits.  Also, the roof space on the buildings had the potential to provide an average of 40 kWh/day when school was in session and 62 kWh/day during summer months, a significant portion of the school’s energy use after the efficiency retrofits.

The project taught students the value of community support for a project, and gave them hands on experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency.