Student Access Galleries

Funded by Associated Students

SAG is a student run organization providing exhibition spaces on campus for student artists. Our galleries include the Karshner Gallery, the Foyer Gallery, and the SBS Gallery.


  • There are 3 news shows up! Check out works by Dalton Brewer and Neil Kemper in Karshner Lounge, Jessica Parker, Hannah Pierce, and Jennifer Duran in the Foyer, and Ziwei Wang in the SBS! (Pictures to come soon)
  • The first round of shows for the semester is up.


October 12, 2012

It's your last chance to catch this round of shows! After this weekend, all the current shows will be taken down. If you are interested in going to see them and being able to talk to the artists, please stop by HSU on Arts Arcata night for a meet and greet with the artists. All receptions begin at 6pm and go until the artists decide to leave.

The first shows of the semester are up! Check out works by the Print Club in Karshner Lounge, photographs by Kelly Croke and Sara Wolf in the Foyer, and drawings and photographs by Natalie Schoch and Abbey Byers in the SBS Gallery.

January 25, 2013

The first round of shows this semester is up.