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From the Analytical/Physical Chemistry Lab, c. 1963

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  1. Pyncnometer pipet; Pyncnometer; precision hydrometer set; simulated hydrometer reading; NBS certified lab thermometer; Beckmann differential thermometer.

  2. Shop-made photometric colorimeter; Weighing bottle; L&N K-3 potentiometer; Weston Cell; Epply Cell; L&N enclosed scale galvanometer.

  3. Polarimater tubes and thermometers.

  4. Rudolph precision polarimeter; B&L Abbe 3L refractometer; Precision themocontroller; Precision water bath.

Case image with hotspots for objects Tensiometer icon Colorimetric titrator icon Specific gravity pipette icon K3 Potentiometer icon Precision water bath icon Thermoregulator icon Enclosed scale galvanometer icon Hydrometer set icon Hydrometer demonstration icon NBS Thermometer icon Beckmann thermometer icon Weston Standard cell icon B&L Abbe 3L refractometer icon Weighing buret icon Specific gravity bottle icon Polarimater tubes icon Rudolph Polarimeter icon

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