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Humboldt's Drawing and Engraving of Fucus vitifolius

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Original drawing by Alexander von Humboldt, 17 June 1799

Portrait of Humboldt

Engraving from A. von Humboldt Equinoctial Plants c. 1822

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This original drawing was made by Humboldt while on board the Pizarro near Tenerife, June 17, 1799. Higher resolution images of the drawing and the engraving are available: Humboldt's drawing with contrast enhanced, and engraving from Equinoctial Plants. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary islands, and was the first stop on Humboldt's South American expedition. Humboldt and Bonpland spent six days on the island (June5–11) in order to climb the volcano Teide and to collect specimens.

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