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The scans below were made from a 1940 catalog owned by D. Hayman, generously gifted to the museum by his son, Douglas Hayman Jr. The materials are posted with permission from Denver Scientific Corp., successors to Wm. Ainsworth & Sons. Click on the icons to view full-size page scans.
cover scan
p 2 scan
p 3 scan
p 4 scan
p 5 scan
p 6 scan
p 8 scan
p 9 scan
p 10 scan
p 11 scan
p 12 scan
p 13 scan
p 14 scan
p 15 scan
p 16 scan
p 17 scan
p 18 scan
p 19 scan
p 20 scan
p 21 scan p 22 scan p 23 scan p 24 scan
p 25 scan p 26 scan p 27 scan p 28 scan
price list scan

The catalog is printed on 8" x 10.5" glossy paper with heavy stock cover. The Ainsworth logo and border around each page is printed in metallic gold, as are various metal parts of the balance on the front cover. The 6 5/8" x 10" price list was inserted inside the front cover when the catalog was received.

Balance Exhibit Catalog

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