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Zeleny Electroscope

Cenco Scientific Company

HSU Physics Dept. c. 1950

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A demonstration device for the observation of the ionizing effects of radiation, high voltages, flames, etc., as well as the photoelectric effect due to U.V. light. In use the frequency of the oscillation of the gold leaf is measured, which increases proportionally to the intensity of the ionization.


As described in the Cenco catalog. The instrument is finished in black crinkle enamel with polished metal fittings. The cast iron base is 4.5 x 2.75". The instrument is 6.25" high to the top of the fixed plate. The windows are 2.5" in diameter held on with polished aluminum bezels.


Described in Cenco Catalog J150 (1950) as item 71020, pg. 971-972. The use of this instrument in physics education is presented in Physical Measurements, Part II, 3rd ed., by Ralph S. Minor, Associated Students' Store, Berkeley, California (1947).


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