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Analytical Balance Weights

Christian Becker, Inc.
provenance: Humboldt College; c.1956


This is an analytical grade weight set, used for high quality mass determinations in conjunction with an analytical balance. The quality of this set would indicate its intended use in analytical chemistry courses. Such sets might also find use commercially for high quality work.
Descriptions of Weights and their use are provided in the links below:


Class S-1 lacquered brass 1–50 gm, tantalum 50–500 mg fractional weights, aluminum 1–10 mg fractional weights, and two aluminum wire 10 mg riders. in a 5 3/4 x 3 3/8 x 1 1/2" mahogany box. The set is incomplete. It is missing the forceps, riders, one tantalum fractional weight and two aluminum fractional weights.
 The wood (mahogany?) is painted black with a Christian Becker signature engraved in the lid (see linked photo). The box is has a one piece solid bottom with grey velvet lined weight holes, unlined forceps slot, and an acrylic tray for mg weights. There is an empty hole with metal cover of uncertasin purpose. The lid is of mitered corner construction lined with grey velvet. The box hardware is brass.

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