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Measuring Glassware

Humboldt State College, c. 1960

A variety of containers have been devised for accurate measurements in the laboratory. Pyncnometers are designed to determine specific gravity to high precision and accuracy. Burettes are designed to accurately and precisely determine volumes dispensed in titrations.

Representative samples of some glassware used in physical and analytical chemistry at HSC are displayed.

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Specific Gravity Bottle (Pyncnometer)

Kimble Glass Company
c. 1960; Humboldt State College


In use the bottle is first calibrated by filling with water, inserting the thermometer, and drying any overflow from the side arm and capping. The bottle is then weighed on an analytical balance and the temperature recorded. After emptying the procedure is repeated with sample and the new weight compared to get specific gravity.

Catalog scan from VWR Catalog 69 (1968)

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Specific Gravity Bottle, Pipet (Pyncnometer, Nicol)

Arthur H. Thomas Co.
c. 1960; Humboldt State College


This pipet form, 5 ± 0.2 mL, bottle is easy to fill and recover the sample from. The design aids in accurate MW determinations. It is displayed in a simulated weighing from the second hook on an analytical balance.

Catalog scan from Arthur H. Thomas Catalog 80 (1980)

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Weighing Buret with Teflon Plug

Kimble Glass Company
c. 1960; Humboldt State College


Used for very precise titrations in which the exact volume of titrant is determined by weighing the buret on an analytical balance before and after the volume is dispensed. Note the base that not only protects the tip in weighing but also catches any drips after the titration so they are weighed.

Catalog scan from BKH Catalog 63 (1961)

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Micro Buret, 5mL, Pyrex

No. 156

Corning Glass Works, Corning N.Y.
1961; Humboldt State College

Displayed in Glassware Display case, SciA 5th floor.

A precision burette used for microscale titrations. The department has a number for student use. A certificate of accuracy from the manufacturer accompanied this burrette. Also provided are a closeup image of the top of another buret with ID number and a closeup image of the bottom with delivery time.

Catalog scan from Scientific Products Catalog (1961)

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