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Precision Liquid Sampler

Beckman Instruments Inc.

HSU Chemistry Dept; c. 1960

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Primarily designed for the introduction of small (5-50 ml) liquid samples for analysis using gas chromatography. Using the needle samples can be injected through a septum into the carrier gas stream of the chromatograph.


The sampler consists of a stainless steel framework which holds a precision bore glass sample tube with needle on one end. The body of the framework holds and constrains the movement of a teflon tipped plunger which fits into the glass tube. the delivery volume is adjusted by changing the degree of travel of the plunger. The travel is calibrated with the aid of six precision ground ss spacers (stamped .05, .04, .02; with the smallest, 0.01 and 0.005, unmarked), which fit along the exposed shaft of the plunger shaft. The instrument is adjusted by placing one or more spacers on the shaft, and then tightening the clamp riding in the center of the framework. The device is housed in a black leatherette coverd box (7.5" x 5" x 2.25") with faded blue velvet lining.


This item is described in the Braun-Knecht-Heiman-Co. Catalog 63 (1961) as item 32072, pg 490.

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