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Analytical Balance Weights


Humboldt S-T-C; c.1926

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This is a student grade weight set, used for routine mass determinations in conjunction with an analytical balance. The quality of this set would indicate its intended use in beginning chemistry or physics courses. Such sets might also find use commercially for routine work.
An early description of Weights and their use is provided below:


Gram weight set, 1-100g (1,1,?,2,5,10,10,20,50,100; one 10g and one 20g wt are replacements) in lacquered brass with some of original finish missing on weights, fractional weights and forceps are replacements. The weight set is held in a light mahogany ? case (138 x 92 x 49mm) with a molded Bakelite compartment for the fractional weights, the gram weights fitting into recesses in a velvet covered and lined wood block. There is a small brass hook and pin catch on the front of the case, the lid attached through two encased hinges. The remains of a BKH decal are visible on the top center of the lid, with Braun-Kneckt-Heiman-Co. / Germany stamped in the case body on the left outside. There is an oval brass tag, stamped HUMBOLDT S-T-C / 2085, attached with brass pins to the lower right of the right side of the case.


The catalog illustration is of a similar, though not identical, weight set from the 1934 Braun catalog. The Braun and B-K-H Corporations were apparerntly the Los Angeles and San Francisco offices, respectively, of the same company.


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