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Galvanometer Telescope

Leeds & Northrup?

Philadelphia PA

Humboldt State College, after 1934

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A small, special purpose, telescope used to observe the scale as reflected by the mirror in a reflecting galvanometer. Although the 1934 patent date makes it unlikely this telescope was purchased during the State Teachers College era, I have placed it in this part of the collection because it goes with the two reflecting galvanometers.


The telescope is 5 3/4" (149 mm) long (closed) and 1" (25 mm) dia. The barrel is black painted brass with polished, nickel plated, objective holder and eyepiece. Two holes (1/8". 4 mm) on opposites sides of the center of the barrel allow mounting in the telescope holder. Stamped on the barrel: PATENT 1948588. The eyepiece is 2 3/4" long, including a 1 7/8" focusing barrel, which slides in a cloth lined segment of the telescope barrel. The eyepiece has a single cross-hair, focused by turning a knurled focusing ring close to the barrel end. The cement in the cemented acromatic objective lens has failed.


An identical instrument is described as Item 82306 in the Cenco Cat J-141, General Catalog Laboratory Apparatus & Scientific Instruments, Central Scientific Co., Chicago. (1941). The patent number corresponds to a patent date of 1934.

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