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Replicas and Restorations of Early Instruments by Richard A. Paselk

Richard Paselk, Curator

For the Museum’s dedication ceremony (October 13, 2000) I was requested to add a short presentation on my replicas and/or interpretations of medieval scientific instruments. This exhibit commemorates my retirement from HSU, though I will continue as curator of this museum with a reduced commitment. In a spirit of symmetry I am presenting this exhibit of many of my efforts.

I have been interested in ancient scientific instruments for most of my adult life, but had no access to them here on the North Coast, so I decided to make some replicas/models myself. My models are based on pictures, images in artworks and contemporary and modern descriptions as available. Though initially made for my own pleasure, I quickly began incorporating them into talks and lectures for University and Community groups. Many of the models and restored navigational instruments I use to support lectures and workshops are displayed here. Reproductions of paintings showing original pieces in use are included for color and context, when available.

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Alternatively, the objects are accessed below by theme (shelf) from top to bottom and left to right:

Left Side

    Cross Staff; Wooden Mariner's Quadrant

    Planispheric Astrolabe; Armillary Sphere

    The Torquetum

Right Side

    Mariner's Astrolabes

    Quadrant and Tools

    Instrument Restorations: Orrery & Octant

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