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Balance engraving, circa 1940


Virtual Museum Guide

The collection and supplemental materials may be explored on-line as they relate to Humboldt State, or by subject categories.

Humboldt State Collection

The collection has been divided into three periods which correlate approximately to some major events in the life of science at the University. To place the instruments in context material is also presented on how science was taught at Humboldt: what was available, classes, majors, instructors, etc.

Thematic Groupings with Satellite Exhibits

A variety of instruments in the museum's collection are organized into thematic groups. Selected objects from these groups appear in Satellite exhibits physically displayed near the laboratories/facilities where they were used.

Special Exhibits

In most cases instruments outside of the museum's collection are also featured. These exhibits are of limited duration, but continue online after they are taken down (e.g. The Chemical Refratometer), the actual dates of the each physical display are given in brackets.

Supplemental Materials

If you have additional information regarding the instruments you think I could/should include please share that information. I am particularly interested in additional contemporary catalog illustrations for the instruments missing that information. I am also interested in contemporary sources for the use of these instruments in teaching etc. I may be contacted by e-mail (preferred):

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