Faculty and Staff Resources

How to Collaborate with SEALS Programs 
SEALS + Faculty/Staff Partnerships and Collaborations = Student Success

The following list includes highlights of SEALS programs and ways that faculty and staff partner with SEALS in student engagement and leadership development.

Associated Students:

Contact: Robert Christensen; phone: (707)826-4221, email: rwc9@humboldt.edu


Contact: Stephanie Lane; phone: (707)826-4529, email: Stephanie.Lane@humboldt.edu

Career Center:

Contact: Cherry Ouellette; phone: (707)826-5454, email: cherry.ouellette@humboldt.edu

Center Activities:

Contact: Jenn Soderfelt; phone: (707)826-4195, email: jlw30@humboldt.edu

Clubs & Activities:

Contact: Jerri Jones; phone: (707)826-6012, email: jlg15@humboldt.edu

Club Advising
Sustainable Living Arts and Music Festival
Welcome Home to Humboldt (first two weeks of fall semester)


Contact: Tracy Smith; phone: (707)826-4781, email: ts7001@humboldt.edu

Humboldt Orientation Program (HOP) and HSU Ambassadors:

Contact: Marissa Mourer; phone: (707)826-3507, email: mmm62@humboldt.edu

HSU Service Learning Center:

Contact: Stacy Becker; phone: (707)826-4963, email: spb1@humboldt.edu

Service Learning Staff support for faculty:

Latino Peer Mentoring (LPM):

Contact: Su Karl; phone: (707)826-5206, email: smk7001@humboldt.edu

Learning Center:

Contact: Michele Miyamoto; phone: (707)826-5187, email: michele.miyamoto@humboldt.edu

MultiCultural Center (MCC):

Contact: Marylyn Paik-Nicely; phone: (707)826-3367, email: mkp2@humboldt.edu

MultiCultural Convocation (September)
Qross Qultural Queer Film Festival – Q-Fest (November)
Social Justice Summit (March)
HSU California Big Time & Social Gathering (April)
Social Justice Education Opportunities (anytime)

Residence Life:

Contact: Jeremy Davis; phone: (707)826-5534, email: jd44@humboldt.edu

Student Health & Wellness Center: Health Education:

Contact: Mira Friedman; phone: (707)826-5123, email: mira@humboldt.edu

TRiO Upward Bound :

Contact: Jen Dyke; phone: (707)826-3558, email: jd7000@humboldt.edu

Youth Educational Services (YES):

Contact: Lorena Boswell; phone: (707)826-4965, email: lorena.boswell@humboldt.edu

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