University Senate

Senate Agenda & Packet 01/28/14 & 02/04/14

University Senate packet materials are available on the Friday prior to the next scheduled meeting.

Agenda (PDF) for printing

Senate Packe(PDF) (60 p.) - For ease of printing the entire packet, this PDF includes the agenda and all of documents listed below.

  1. Announcement of Proxies
  2. Approval of and Adoption of Agenda
  3. Approval of Draft Minutes from the Meeting of December 3, 2013
  4. Reports, Announcements, and Communications of the Chair
  5. Reports of Standing Committees, Statewide Senators, and Ex-officio Members (see also Written Reports)
  6. Consent Calendar from the Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC) - Consent Calendar for January 28
  7. TIME CERTAIN: 3:15-3:30 PM – Open forum for the campus community (Procedures for HSU University Senate Open Forum) ; Open Forum Sign-up
  8. TIME CERTAIN:  3:30-3:45 PM - Resolution on Revision of the HSU Charitable Contribution Acceptance Policy (#28-13/14-EX) - First Reading

    [The following two curriculum resolutions (#26 and #27) are action items; there will be no second readings]

  9. TIME CERTAIN:  3:45-4:00 PM - Resolution on Curriculum Proposal 13-150: OCN 510 - Zooplankton Ecology - New Course Proposal (#26-13/14-ICC)
  10. TIME CERTAIN:  4:00-4:15 PM - Resolution on Curriculum Proposals 13-298, 299, 300, 310: Act to End Sexualized Violence (Cross-listed Course) (#27-13/14-ICC)
  11. Election of Replacement for the Chair of the Academic Policies Committee/Third Officer of the Senate for Spring 2004
  12. Resolution to Establish Voting Procedure on the Constitution of the University Senate of HSU for Spring 2014 (#20-13/14-AEC) - Second Reading
  13. Series of Proposed Revisions to the HSU University Senate Constitution and Bylaws

    a.  Resolution to on Forwarding the Proposed Revision of the Constitution of the University Senate of HSU (#21-13/14-CBC) - First Reading

    Attachment #1:  Proposed Revision with changes tracked
    Attachment #2:  Proposed Revision with changes accepted
    Attachment #3:  Current Constitution of the University Senate of HSU

    b.  Resolution to Amend the Constitution of the University Senate of HSU to Authorize Recall of Elected Senators (#22-13/14-CBC) - First Reading

    c.  Resolution to Establish Recall Procedures in the Bylaws of the University Senate (#23-13/14-CBC) - First Reading

    d.  Resolution to Amend the Constitution of the University Senate of HSU to Authorize Reprimand of Senators (#24-13/14-CBC) - First Reading

    e.  Resolution to Establish Procedures in the University Senate Bylaws for Impeachment, Censure, and Expulsion (#25-13/14-CBC) - First Reading

  14. Resolution on "Guidelines for Approving New Certificate Programs" (#29-13/14-ICC) - First Reading
    Attachment:  "Guidelines ..."



  • M/S/U Approval of Final Fall 2013 Graduation List ; forwarded as an Emergency Item
  • Resolution on Faculty Awards Committee Description in Faculty Handbook (#15-13/14-FAC) - Second Reading - Passed Unanimously.

Other Senate materials:

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