University Senate

Appointments and Elections Committee (AEC)

Duties: Solicit and forward nominations to the Senate for members and chairs of Senate and Senate-appointed university committees; and other duties as outlined in the Senate Bylaws, Section 11.5.
Chair: To be selected by the committee
Type: Standing Committee of the University Senate

The Appointments and Elections Committee (AEC) meets as needed.  If you have questions, please contact the Committee Chair (see below) or the Senate Office.

Faculty Appointments/Elections by: Senate Vote
Staff Appointments/Elections by: Recommended by Staff Council, Senate Vote 

AEC Roster (2014/15, Fall) (PDF for printing)

Name Department Phone Email
Justus Ortega (F), Chair (2015) Kinesiology & Rec Admin 4274 jod1
Vacant (F)       
Gay Hylton (Staff) (2014) Institutional Research 5340 glh14
Jenny Zorn (Ex-Officio) Academic Affairs 3722 jenny.zorn
Noah Zerbe (Ex-Officio) Politics, Senate Chair 3911 nrz3
Vacant (Student) (2014)      
Chair of the University Senate/President, General Faculty
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
2 Faculty members
1 Staff member (recommended by Staff Council)
1 Student member (recommended by Associated Students)
Nominated members shall be affirmed by vote of the Senate during the regular annual election within the Senate.  Elected and appointed members shall serve 1-year terms.
Humboldt State University