University Senate

Constitution and Bylaws Committee (CBC)

Senate Bylaws, Section 11.6 (click on section number in Bylaws TOC page to see committee description)

The Constitution & Bylaws Committee meets (as needed) on Thursdays, 4 pm, NHE 115.  Meetings are open to the campus community. If you have questions, please contact the Committee Chair or the Senate Office.

Faculty Appointment/Election by: Appointments and Elections Committee
Staff Appointment/Election by: Staff Council
2014/2015 Roster
Name Department/Unit Phone Email
Richard Bruce, Chair CAHSS Office 4491 rwb2
Vacant (Faculty) (AEC)      
Vancant (Faculty) (AEC)      
Vacant (Faculty) (AEC)      
Steve Tillinghast (Non-MPP Staff) (Staff Council) Geology 3210 sft1
Denise Ruize (Student) Associated Students   dr1542

2013/2014 End of Year Report

3 Faculty members (appointed by AEC)
1 non-MPP Staff member (appointed by Staff Council)
1 Student (appointed by Associated Students)
Senate Parliamentarian (appointed annually by Senate Executive Committee)



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