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Emeritus Faculty Luncheons

HSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty are invited to attend the monthly luncheon programs held at noon on the second Tuesday of the month at the Plaza Grill (Upper Floor) in Arcata. The cost of the luncheon is $15.00 per person (includes beverage, tax, and tip), and spouses, guests, and friends are welcome. Coffee (free) will be available at 11:40 a.m. before the luncheon. Come early and have an opportunity to visit with old and new friends.

In an effort to reduce costs and paper usage, one mailing per semester will be sent via USPS announcing the upcoming programs. Monthly reminders will be sent via email thereafter. Note: To help defray the postage and materials costs, the annual (FY 13/14) dues will now be $10. Checks should be made payable to: HSU General Faculty and sent to the University Senate Office, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA 95521. You may also pay your dues at the luncheon meeting.

If you would like to request to be added or removed from the mailing list, please call the University Senate Office (707-826-3657), or send an email to Merry Phillips ( All retired and emeritus faculty are automatically added to the ERFA mailing list. Luncheon notices are sent to local zipcodes only, unless requested otherwise. If you wish to receive the notices via email, send your name and email to the University Senate Office.


Upcoming Luncheons:

9 September 2014:  "Sustaining Excellence into the Next 100 Years  presented by Jenny Zorn, HSU Interim Provost for the 2014/2015 Academic Year.
Humboldt State begins its second century with a reputation of academic excellence and experiential student learning.  As we begin the academic year we welcome a new president and provost along with other key leadership changes. 
14 October 2014: "Bringing Down the House"  presented by Charles Biles, HSU Emeritus Professor Mathematics.
This November voters go to the polls to elect a new national House of Representatives.  Currently there are 435 representatives distributed (apportioned) amoung the 50 states.  We'll take and historical look at how apportionment is done.  The Various methods used gives new meaning to the work "decimated" 
11 November 2014:  "Let's talk Neo-Ottomism" presented by Tom Gage Ph.D., HSU Emeritus Professor English
Professor Emeritus Tom Gage has given several presentations about the political/social realities in Turkey, for years a major middle-east ally of the U.S. which is in the throes of an Ottoman Spring. Is the current Prime Minister, Recap Tayyip Ergoden, becoming a middle-east Putin wannabe? Will Turkey become another Islamic state? What are Turkey’s designs on former provinces, especially Syria. Please join us for the late-breaking news as Tom, Fulbright Scholar in Syria summarizes the substance behind the headlines.

9 December 2014: "Starvation, Promiscuity and Geochemistry in an Extreme Habitat In Lassen Volcanic National Park"   Dr. Patricia Siering, HSU Professor of Biology       

My laboratory has been investigating the microbial ecology of a hot (52-92°C), acidic (pH 2), oligotrophic hot spring (Boiling Springs Lake) in Lassen Volcanic National Park. At 18,000 m2, Boiling Springs Lake is the largest hot spring in North America, and it contains some of the most extreme habitats on earth. Our collaborative project sought to address basic ecological questions concerning the abundance, diversity, activities and interactions of microorganisms and viruses within the BSL thermal area. Additionally, we are continuing investigations into the primary and secondary production in the habitat, the antibiotic resistome, and the role of horizontal gene transfer in the evolution of life in extreme habitats.  Undergraduate research training has been a major component of our work; we have integrated this project into multiple courses (undergraduate and masters level) at Humboldt State University, Portland State University, and CSU – Chico, and over 250 students have been mentored in undergraduate research projects related to this work at the 3 participating institutions.   


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