University Senate

Faculty Affairs Committee

Chair                                       2016      

Julie Alderson


Faculty At-Large 2017



Faculty Senator 2018

Stephanie Burkhalter


Faculty At-Large 2018

Suzanne Scott


Faculty Senator 2016

George Wrenn


Student 2015


Associated Students

CFA Ex-officio, Non-voting n/a

Michael Camann

Biological Sciences

Ex-officio, Non-voting n/a

Colleen Mullery

Senior AVP for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources

2 Faculty Senators, appointed by the Appointments and Elections Committee
2 Faculty “At-Large”, appointed by the Appointments and Elections Committee
1 Student, appointed by Associated Students – 1-year term
Ex-officio, non-voting:
President, HSU Chapter of California Faculty Association
Senior Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources (or designee)
Terms of appointment shall be 3 years.
Duties: “In conformance with the Unit 3 Collective Bargaining Memorandum of the Understanding (MOU), the Committee shall consider matters that involve particularly the individual or collective relationship of faculty to the university … This committee parallels a like standing committee of the Academic Senate of the California State University. …” (Senate Bylaws, section 11.4)
Chair: Faculty Senator, elected annually by the University Senate; also serves as Vice Chair of the University Senate, for 1-yr term
Type: Standing Committee of the University Senate

The Faculty Affairs Committee meets weekly. Meetings are open to the campus community. If you have questions, please contact the Committee Chair or the Senate Office.


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