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In February, 2010, the Cabinet for Institutional Change issued a report, "Building the Capacity for Change: Improving the Structure and Culture of Decision-Making at HSU." The section of the report on governance included a recommendation to "Restructure the existing Academic Senate into a University-wide Senate" (Rec. 1.2, p.9).

In April 2010, the Senate Executive Committee charged the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) to develop a written proposal for a University Senate structure for HSU by the last Senate meeting of the Fall semester 2010. (FAC Charge)

Using the university senate model from San Diego State as well as reviewing the current HSU General Faculty Constitution and Senate Bylaws, and expanded FAC drafted a revised General Faculty Constitution and a new Constitution and Bylaws for the University Senate.

On April 12, the Academic Senate passed the following resolution, forwarding three documents on proposed governance changes to the General Faculty for a vote - all were passed by a vote of the General Faculty Sept. 12-15, 2011:

Resolution #28-10/11-FAC
Attachment #1 - Revision to the Constitution of the General Faculty of HSU
Attachment #2 - Constitution of the University Senate of HSU
Attachment #3 - Bylaws and Rules of Procedure of the University Senate of HSU


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