University Senate

Senate Executive Committee (SenEx)

2015/2016 Roster 

Office Name Department Phone
Chair Noah Zerbe Politics 3911
Vice-Chair/Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee Julie Alderson Art 3421
Third Officer/Chair, Academic Policies Committee Andrew Stubblefield Forestry & Wildland Research 3258
Co-Chair, URPC Erick Eschker Economics 3216
Chair, Integrated Curriculum Committee Cindy Moyer Music 3563
General Faculty Representative to ASCSU Erick Eschker Economics 3216
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs   Office of Academic Affairs 3722
CFA Chapter President Michael Camann Biological Sciences 3676
Delegate, HSU Labor Council Steve Tillinghast Geology 3210
Staff Senator Su Karl Director, Learning Center 5206
President, Associated Students  Juan Cervantes Associated Students 4221


Senate Bylaws, Section 11.1 (click on Section number on TOC page to see description of committee)

Duties: Performs the administrative functions of the University Senate.
Chair: University Senate Chair (elected by the General Faculty)
Type: Standing Committee of the University Senate

The SenEx meets every two weeks, alternately with the Senate, on Tuesdays, 3-5 pm, in NHE 106.

Vice Chair of the University Senate/Faculty Affairs Committee Chair
Third Officer of the University Senate/Academic Policies Committee Chair
Chair, Integrated Curriculum Committee
Past Chair, University Senate
Faculty Co-Chair, University Resources and Planning Committee
1 General Faculty Representative to the ASCSU (senior statewide senator)
1 Staff Senator (chosen by current staff senators)
Student President (or designee), Associated Students
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ex-Officio, Non-voting:
President, HSU Chapter of CFA
Delegate, HSU Labor Council
Humboldt State University