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Campus Feedback on Proposed Revision to University Senate Constitution

The University Senate and the Constitution and Bylaws Committee (CBC) invites feedback from the campus community on a proposed revision to the University Senate Constitution. Comments are due by Friday, October 25, 2013.  

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee will review and consider all feedback, and forward a final proposed revision to the University Senate.  

This proposed revision of the document as a whole is intended to eliminate conflicts and/or redundancies that exist with other governance documents, and to incorporate revisions made to the Senate Bylaws last year, so that the Constitution and Bylaws are aligned.  The document has been re-formatted for clarity and ease of use.  It is expected that over time, additional changes may need to be made to this Constitutional document and those will be proposed on a case-by-case basis as amendments.    

Documents for Review:

Proposed Revision (9/18/13) to the Constitution of the University Senate of HSU (with changes marked) - this revision was reviewed by the Senate Executive Committee, Spring 2013 and forwarded to the campus for review.  Due to the limited time available at the end of the semester, it was postponed for further review in Fall 2013.  The newly constituted (Fall 2013) Constitution & Bylaws Committee made the additional changes noted below.  

Proposed Revision (9/18/13) to the Constitution of the University Senate of HSU (with changes accepted) - Note:  this version has all changes clearly marked.  The previous version was an attempt to condense the marked changes to make the document more readable.

Additional revisions made since Spring 2013 - these are additional revisions made to the version shared with campus last spring

Current governance documents for the University Senate:

Constitution of the University Senate of HSU (Appendix F, Part 1, HSU Faculty Handbook)
Bylaws and Rules of Procedure, University Senate of HSU (Appendix F, Part 2, HSU Faculty Handbook)

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