University Senate

Senate Packet for March 10, 2009

Academic Senate packets are sent via campus mail to all members of the Senate and others by request, the Friday prior to the next scheduled meeting. If you would like to request a printed copy of the Senate packet, please contact the Senate Office at x3657.

  • Agenda
  • Draft Minutes from March 3, 2009
  • Resolution on the Academic Planning and Curriculum Process (#14-08/09-Virnoche (Revised))
  • Resolution on Faculty Awards (#16-08/09-FA)
    • Attachment #1
    • Attachment #2
    • Attachment #3
  • Resolution on Issues Related to Withdrawing from Courses (#19-08/09-EP)
    • Executive Order No. 1037 Title: Grading Symbols, Minimum Standards Governing the Assignment of Grades, Policies on the Repetition of Courses, Policies on Academic Renewal, and Grade Appeals”

Materials included in packet:

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