You Can Prepare for the Next Quake

Start today! Prepare – Protect – Recover

Earthquakes are inevitable in Northern California but the damage is not. How seriously the next strong earthquake or tsunami affects you and how quickly your community recovers depends on what you know and how well you prepare ahead of time.

Questions you should ask yourself

  • Where will my family be and how will I reach them?
  • Develop a plan that includes where you will meet and how
    to contact each other

Am I prepared to live without the essentials?

  • Put together disaster kits for home, work and your car

Do I live, work or visit in a tsunami hazard zone?

  • Learn to recognize the natural warning signs of a tsunami and determine your evacuation routes

Where will I get medical help?

  • Learn how to help yourself and your family by taking first aid and CPR classes

How will I pay for things?

  • Keep cash on hand because banks may be closed, ATMs inoperable, and credit cards unusable

How will I repair the damage to my home?

  • Minimize your losses by reducing your hazards and consider adding earthquake and/or flood insurance

Don’t forget your earthquake and tsunami readiness when you are traveling or on holiday. Thirty-nine Americans died in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, most of whom were on vacation in Thailand and Sri Lanka.