A Career with Committment

What sets social work apart from many other careers? Our work is clearly committed to social change. Social workers earn a living assisting individuals, families, organizations, and communities with difficulties related to discrimination, poverty, violence, abuse, addictions, and health. We also partner with people to facilitate change that builds on the strengths, assets, resilience, and resources that all people and groups demonstrate.

Social Workers Join With Communities In Relation To...

  •     Schools
  •     Mental Health *
  •     Clinical Settings
  •     Community Organizing
  •     Lobbying
  •     Public Policy
  •     Home Health
  •     Agency Administration
  •     Addictions
  •     Hospice
  •     Mentoring
  •     Domestic Violence
  •     International Work
  •     Child Welfare *
  •     Adoptions
  •     Gerontology and Older Adults
  •     Hospitals
  •     Youth Advocacy
  •     Colleges
  •     Juvenile and Adult Probation
  •     Pregnancy and Parenting
  •     Homelessness
  •     Family Planning
  •     Public Officials
  •     Youth Development
  •     Independent Living
  •     Media

* We offer additional professional development resources for these key areas of social work practice. Please visit our CalSWEC Training Projects page for more information:

Announcements regarding job postings are regularly sent out to our alumni list-serve and via our Social Work Department Facebook page. For more information on how to receive these announcements, please visit: