Distributed Learning Program Campus Intensive 2014

(IMAGE: Dr. Ken Nakamura, Keynote Address - Master’s Level Social Work)

Department Perspective - Distributed Learning Program Campus Intensive

Written by Yvonne Doble - MSW, Assistant Coordinator of Distributed Learning and Field Education

A unique feature of our Distributed Learning (DL) course of study for both MSW and BASW students is our annual Campus Intensive. In our DL program, students complete course work online throughout the year. In January, all DL students and faculty come together for several days of shared learning and community building. This convening also serves as the orientation for each of our 3.5 year MSW cohorts.  In January of 2014, we welcomed our third cohort of DL MSW students and also included BASW students for the first time.

At the beginning of each day, students and faculty have the option to participate in wellness practices including mindfulness and yoga. We encourage students to integrate wellness in their field experience and future practice as a tool to promote well-being and pro-actively address stress.

Students also attend the first session of their spring courses. These were interspersed with a variety of presentations from faculty emeriti, community partners, regional mentors and faculty members including:

Dr. Ken Nakamura presented the keynote address: Master’s Level Social Work
Dr. John Gai & Serenity Bowen, LCSW: Introduction to Advanced Clinical Practice
Marianne Pennekamp: Partnership with Schools, Families and Communities
Assemblymember Patty Berg: Social Policy and Aging
Dr. Ronnie Swartz: Ethics & Values
Vincent Feliz, LCSW: Social Work with Indigenous Communities
Cherie Shipley, LCSW: Trauma Informed Practice
Dr. Cesar Abarca: Affordable Foods, Starving Wages, and Exploited Labor
Dr. Jen Maguire: Development & Grant Proposal Writing
Holly Scaglione, LCSW: Harm Reduction as Social Work Practice

Making Connections: Students met with their Regional Mentors and other students in their region, including MSW and BASW students. Mentors provide students with opportunities for in-person meetings and support throughout the year, as well as insight into local professional resources and internships.   Students also met together with their cohort members.  These connections help sustain student participation in the program.

BASW Seniors: The first cohort of graduating DL BASW Seniors were honored during the intensive by BASW Program Director, Debbie Gonzalez, and Distributed Learning Program Director, Jamie Jensen. Since not all students may choose to return to campus this May for the graduation ceremonies, the intensive provides an opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of our DL graduates.  We look forward to honoring our first graduating DL MSW cohort at the 2015 DL Intensive!