Legislative Lobby Days 2014

Legislative Lobby Days is a two-day event to educate students and professionals about important legislation affecting clients and advocates in the social work profession. The event is a unique opportunity to learn more about the legislative process, to get "hands-on" lobbying experience, and to talk with state legislators about important policy issues.  Professional Social Workers in all fields, BASW/MSW students, and faculty attend.

The Department of Social Work and HSU's Social Work Student Association (SWSA) co-sponsor the trip so that our BASW/MSW students can attend a full-day training to learn the basics of lobbying and prepare for the following day's Social Action Rally and Legislative Appointments at the State Capitol.  This once a year opportunity gives them a chance to network with other social workers, to stand up for others on important social issues, and to be a part of policy in action. 

Student QUOTES:

One thing that stuck with me during my experience at lobby days was this:  We, as political social workers, need to address the causes of social illness  - not only the symptoms.  
                                                    - Samantha Thompsen,  BASW 2015

Lobby Days was a wonderful opportunity to understand the legislative process.  Presentations on the selected bills were informative and very interesting.  I learned a lot.   
                                                    - Marli Shoop, MSW 2015

The experience of Lobby Days was a moment to remember.  Having the opportunity to talk to staff members about the bills gave me the experience to understand policy in its full affect.  I am so grateful I was able to be a part of policy change.   
                                                    - Patricia Ferrera,  HSU SWSA Student Representative, BASW 2015

Lobby Days was a great experience, as a BASW student, to learn about macro-practice.  It taught me that policy change can really make a difference for those in the field advocating for meaningful change in their clients' lives.   
                                                    - Rodrigo Avila, HSU SWSA President, BASW – Class of 2015